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Commercial Tiles Installation

Tiling is a fantastic option when clients want to achieve durable and great-looking floor. Tile installation in commercial establishments should take careful consideration with regards to the type of tiles to be used. Different kinds of tiles are available to choose from. Customers can select expensive tiles made of natural stones like granite or affordable pieces such as porcelain tiles. Is there any difference between the two?

Definitely yes! Natural stones are more durable than porcelains.

Another consideration is the possibility of a particular are to be congested. These include kitchens, restaurants, schools and hospitals that need special attention when choosing and installing tiles. It is inevitable that commercial tiles get damaged faster than residential tiles. Some tiles may need simple cleaning like sweeping while others require special attention. Commercial flooring is a popular choice because of ease of cleaning while attention is given to the safety within the vicinity.

Commercial Grade Tiles should be used in above mentioned spaces and buildings. This kind of tile can withstand high-traffic areas while serving its purpose and keeping its attractiveness. Various kinds of grout can be used during commercial tiles installation that will depend on the flooring type.

Tiles should be beautiful and attractive when carefully chosen. Some tiles enable designers to achieve a consistent look while others come in various colors and patterns that can create a focal point. However, when these are used in commercial spaces, tiles should be simple yet elegant to leave an impression. Usually, tiles with natural look are chosen to match the appearance of your building as they recreate the beauty of hardwood or stone while withstanding wear and tear for years.

If your project involves high-moisture areas such as pool, fountains, bathrooms or kitchens, it is ideal to choose tiles made of porcelain.

Business owners trust tilers Darwin professionals who are experts and experienced in commercial tiling in Darwin and nearby areas. Our team have gained new and returning clients who are undoubtedly satisfied with our creative and high quality end results. Our aim is to efficiently finish each project as early as possible while we also make sure that we meet or even exceed our clients’ expectations.

We offer the following commercial tile installation services.

Commercial Bathroom Tile

When choosing tiles for commercial bathrooms, one should be careful because the flooring usually holds water and commonly used in public places. The perfect pattern should also be chosen. We provide a wide range of tiles that you can use in your commercial bathroom tiling project. These include geometric and reflective tile, Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), ultra white tiles, and brown wooden effect tiles. Call us and we will be more than happy to help you pick the best tiles to match your commercial property needs.

Commercial Kitchen Tiles

The kitchen is one of the many rooms in both residential and commercial properties that are prone to heavy traffic and harsh conditions. Your choice of commercial kitchen tiles should require careful consideration to ensure high quality and durability. The perfect tile should have the right size, shape and colour while it has the hardness that can stand extreme traffic and kitchen conditions. This helps to guarantee that your flooring is still appealing and long-lasting. Another important consideration is to ensure safe surfaces for the staff and customers. Tiles that are commonly used in commercial kitchen are quarry tile, vinyl commercial flooring and ceramic tiles. Don’t hesitate to contact tilers Darwin professionals to help you choose commercial kitchen tiles to suit your preferences.


Products are displayed in showrooms. These are commercial areas that need to attractive and easily catch the attention of customers so tiles are a great addition on the floor and walls. Attractive and enticing tiles can help to leave an impression in customers that will return to your showrooms to buy. However, these tiles should also have the hardness and long-lasting features because they will be installed in a commercial area. The most commonly used pieces are terrazzo and vinyl tiles. Let us know if you need to install tiles in your commercial showroom. We are just a call away to help you.

How do we do commercial tile installation?

We first prepare the area. Next we lay your chosen tiles onto the floor. Then, we do grouting. Finally, we clean up the mess in the commercial space. Tilers Darwin professionals have extensive experience in any kind of project in various commercial areas, such as hospitals, schools and business establishments.

The team uses the best methods and latest technologies to guarantee the best finish. We are a reliable tile commercial tiles contractor in Darwin and its surrounding areas.

Call us today and let us start working in your showroom to attract more customers and buyers.


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